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Life Changing Classes in Lau Gar Kung Fu & Kickboxing For Men, Women And Children!
Brian Nelson’s Lau Gar Kung Fu & Kickboxing

Newcomers often have the impression that martial art classes are very strict or you won’t get out alive, fortunately times have changed and with Kung Fu now catering for everyone, coaching skills in Brian’s Lau Gar schools have been adapted accordingly. This does not mean that there is no discipline or respect, on the contrary you will develop these elements as your training progresses. You will also become fitter and healthier which will build your confidence and most of all – grasp the art of Lau Gar. To enquire about classes, please click on the link for schools at the top of the page or call Brian on 07784 125614


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  • Tracy Edghill, Lau Gar Guardian.
    Tracy Edghill, Lau Gar Guardian.
    To my good friend Tracy Edghill RIP Tracy pictured to the far right....
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  • Richie Jandrell
    Richie Jandrell
    Richie became the WKA English light- contact champion at the Holywell North Wales open comp beating Brandon Law from Blackpool, the pair are now going to fight for a title in full...
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  • Three World Champions
    Three World Champions
    Sean Viera, David Baptiste & Brian Nelson, together at the BKFA National championships. We will soon be asking David and Sean for their input of their achievements in martial arts. So watch...
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